Days Inn in Salisbury North Carolina

Days Inn In Salisbury North Carolina

Days Inn Salisbury NC

Days Inn

321 Bendix Dr

Salisbury, NC 28146

On a Scale of 1-10 1 being the worst I would rate this a 1

I WAS NOT credited or paid for this post I did it to warn others

Review Written On: 4-17-15

Review: Reservations were made ahead of time, 1 room was supposed to be handicap accessible and the other 1 was supposed to be near the handicapped room, Checked In on April 11 2015 at 4:15 P.M. There were 2 rooms for 5 days for my party of 5, we were charged for 3 rooms for 5 days We were given our room keys and were told that they were both on the second floor. We mentioned the handicap person and the clerk looked for a room on the first floor, and were put in separate buildings. I was in supposed be in the handicap room with my mother who is in a wheelchair. We entered our room it was not at all handicapped accessible. There was really no room for my mothers wheelchair.  Then upon settling in first room looked thrown together, there was a standing lamp near the door and fridge but no plug in for the lamp, other than that it looked ok until we got to the bathroom, In the Bathroom the light switch fixture was busted, and in the bath tub there was dirt on the tub and Mold on the Ceiling. The Second Room however was the Biggest PROBLEM: Check In is at 2 P.M., we got there at 4:15 the Window was wide open as was the door there were no screens on the window 2nd floor and they knew a 5 year old would be staying in the room. This room over looked the “Outdoor Pool” the pool had white foamy scum on the top of the water. In the room The beds had no covers or anything on them but the mattress pad, and no towels in the bathroom, the adult in my party that was staying in this room called down to the front desk and was told the housekeeper would be up right away. After about 10 minuets the housekeeper showed up and made one bed, then left the room and didn’t return for about 30 min to make the other one. We let that go and went on with our day. After the first night at the hotel the Adult in the room woke up to bed bug bites on her body she didn’t know what they were at first and sat on the bed the next day, She received a about 15 more from sitting on the bed for a few hrs, So that night she slept in the other bed with the 5 year old. She did not receive any new ones from that bed. The 3rd day we were the manager called her, She voiced her complaints  to the Manager about the beds not being made incident he told her the beds were not made because there was a Do Not Enter Sign on the door when we first arrived. That however was not the case because as stated before the door was wide open and the beds had been stripped. She then talked to him about being charged a 3rd time. He told her they do credit not debit and the extra charge would not be taken out, her end of the month statement would reflect only 2 being taken out and the third being canceled, even though the money was taken out 3 times already. She then brought up the bed bugs, He told her she could go to a new hotel even suggested the Hampton Inn, Instead of offering to correct their problem. We were all settled in already with two young kids so she didn’t want to have to pack 2 full rooms up and move hotels so She asked to transfer rooms the manager told her he would try to find a different room. after waiting 3 hrs and hearing NOTHING back, we decided that we were gonna check out of this hotel and go to a different one. We packed up and checked out. Since we had 3 more nights paid the front desk clerk told us there would be a refund to the credit card for each room. We got checked into the next hotel and one of us in my party (who’s credit card was used to pay for the rooms at both places) went to check her balance on her credit card She then noticed they charged her card 2 more times for the full 5 nights one for each room.. She then called the Days Inn and was told by the front desk clerk who had checked us out that she would have the night audit fix the mess up. That was day 3 of us being in Salisbury, the next day came and still NOTHING credited, on the 5th day there was still nothing, so at around 10:45 she called the Days Inn to speak with the night audit, there were NO notes left for him to fix the problem with her Credit Card and he couldn’t even find record of our stay in their system. We still had our Check Out papers so we took them over to the Days Inn. He asked why we happened to leave and got told by the female we left because of bed bugs, he asked what room and was told, he then told us that he didn’t get told anything about the bed bugs and the room was not blocked off that they had other guest in that room right now. The Night Audit was AMAZING very kind and helpful, He is currently working on the refund and said it could take a few days to come through to the credit card. Everyone else we dealt with there were rude and did nothing to help. I would not recommend this Days Inn to anyone. Because of this experience I do not know if I will return to any Days Inn. Many Military Members were present at this hotel the days I was there and I hope none of them had this type of service.

Pix Posted Below

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Want to read more from the one who was in the other room? Click Here to go read her review on C4U’s website

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  1. JD
    Apr 20, 2015 @ 23:24:12

    Hi Jenni,

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience. So you are informed, all of our properties are independently owned and operated, but we would like to reach out to the property on your behalf to ensure a resolution. If you could please send us a message at with the name on your reservation and your contact information, we can work with you and the property. We appreciate your feedback and do hope that you will reconsider the next time you are near a Days Inn hotel. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.

    JD – Wyndham Customer Care



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